New Rotary Tool Ozito 42 Piece Kit Flex polish drill engrave discs dremel DIY


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New Rotary Tool Ozito 42 Piece Kit w Flex The Ozito RTR-040

Rotary Tool Kit comes with everything you need to get started straight from the box. The 42 provided accessories allow DIYers to tackle a range of applications including engraving, grinding, cleaning, polishing, sanding, cutting, carving and drilling. It is ideal for intricate work and creative projects.

The variable speed control allows you to tailor the speed to the application, providing added control and accuracy. Key features: 42 accessories provided – grind, polish, drill, engrave and more straight from the box Variable speed – allows the user to control the speed to suit a variety of tasks Flexible drill shaft – is ergonomic and increases user control and accuracy Spindle lock – makes accessory changes quick and easy

Quantity: 1 Ozito RTR-040 Rotary Tool Kit with 42 accessories Materials:Steel / Plastic

Size: W:324 H:242 L:94

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Dimensions 32 × 25 × 9 cm